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The virus is named for the Ebola River Valley in the Congo (formerly Zaire), where the first outbreak occured in the 1970s. In the late 1980s, outbreaks were recognized in monkeys in the United States.

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Elizabeth Bundor says:    

I pray that God protect us from this Ebola virus.

Daniel jallah says:    

To all my africans pls let us know that this ebola is killing us.

James M. Gbabea says:    

There is a need to carry out good sensitazation about the voilent and deadly virus that is killing people rapidly on a daily basic in Afica. African leaders need to put in more time to see about the warefare of their people medically to get rate of sicknesses that are killing Africans, such as; HIV/AIDS, Elbola, cancer, etc.

sahr p sessie says:    

i need the history of ebola and the treatment & prevention.

yohannes says:    

when i see the picture's i feel sadness and what i want to say is every body have to be carfule and take care for those infected bro.

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Comments on ebolaviruspictures.com

aliyu babah conteh says:    


God plz save us from dis deadly disease #prayingforsalone

ojukaja segun says:    


May the the Almighty God fogive the entire human race.This is the result of our SIN.Pls God forgive.

Bolaji Oke says:    


How To prevent Ebola Virus?

isyaku aliyu says:    


may ALLAH help us and protect us all amean

Munah Bropleh says:    


Let all Liberians acknowledge that Ebola is REAL and is in Liberia. We should also practice all preventive measures and the rest is left with God.

Alimamy o kargbo says:    


It is time for us to go in to prayer and fasting ask God to help us from Ebola, only God can help us.

Varney Conneh says:    


may God bless and save us this virus

Akomea Evans says:    


which country &continent it was first detected

J. budu Wesley Jr. says:    


This deadly sickness is dem scaring and dangerious, all we have to do is to ask God intervention, because we can not treat it all by our selves. Today is John, tomorrow is Peter, whose next? Maybe you or my self. Oh God please help us and save the world from this deadly sickness

Nancy says:    


For Grace of Our Dear Lord help these people is bad enough they live to survive help them my heart is broken hearing that why I thank God for little I have

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