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The Ebola virus causes the disease Ebola hemorrhagic fever. There are five Ebola species, which have several different strains.
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gracie says:    

they are extremely frighening

Ansaf Ameer says:    

Awareness should be conducted around the world

David edutrinity says:    

The whole world got to be informed about this Ebola Virus

Wandile Zulu says:    

This is quiet scary, people have to know about this.


this is very bad for human

Hammed S.B says:    

Nh! God please have mercy! Good Personal and Environmental Hygiene is the only preventive measure.

Leigh lesley says:    

O God have marcy on us in sierra leone

Sulaiman turay says:    

O God save us from ebola in sierra leone

elsie swärray says:    

Africa lets unite and pray against this deadly diseäse so that this illness will vänish from this continet in Jesus name

Julian says:    

A salone na God get we

Gabriel M. Massaquoi says:    

No one shall politicized the emergence of this virus in our country. It real and fatal. Let's take precaution.

brad bowling says:    

that is horrific god has everyones prayers and in mine im sure some day there will be something to help them out god bless

Tola says:    

Infact this is really scary.its like something from an horror film.but anyway when there is life,there is hope.i am a muslim and the prophet of islam taught us everything we need 2 survive, to carry on with d worship of d almighty which is d sole purpose of creation.in d medicine of d prophet, he(saw) told us about blackseed which cures any ailment except death.i recommend this to b taken as a routine drug and also 2 b closer to Allah because this is definately a test from Him(swt)

alpha turay says:    

we thank Allah for our country

petr li yong says:    

i just heard about this disease,it's a very scary one,GOD help this generation

James Franklyn Bangura says:    

As this Ebola virus has spread in West Africa,i pray that God will give a cure to this sickness. LORD HELP US

Lee-on says:    

*screams ew*


Ebola virus is very much deadly.It is only God the Almighty that can prevent and save us all from this demolishing disease he is our doctor.WHY WORRY WHEN YOU CAN PRAY.

Gassimu says:    

Allah protect us from this satanic fatal virus, ebola

Gassimu says:    

Prevention is better than cure. May God cure all the victims of Ebola virus and eradicate it forever. AMIN!

Walter Lee Stevens, Jr. says:    

May God have mercy on the entire Universe, and save us from this disease.The world needs to pray strongly against the spread of Ebola, today it is Africa, who knows where is next on the aganda of Ebloa? It could be at your door before you realize how serious this epidemic is.

Andrew Jongorba says:    

Oh God Help Us In Sierra Leone From This Ebola Sickness.

D.Roland Zubah says:    

The best medicine for this deadly disease is this blood of Jesus Christ,so those who are cover or sock in the blood of Jesus Christ have no need to worry because he is their healer.

Tamba Amos Komba says:    

God take control over this deadly sickness, Give more knowledge to the researcher to discover it drug Amen

mat isung says:    

by the stripes of Jesus we are healed

Susan says:    

It is a very frightening disease! The authorities should cremate the bodies to prevent the virus from going back into the soil. Most viruses exist as a crystal like structure outside of its host , so if the bodies of deceased are cremated so is the virus. Also keep children's hands clean and adhere to personal hygiene.

Aberinga Bia Jefred says:    

God is the only Doctor of all Doctors, may He save us all.

Kelvin toenah says:    

Lord, i learned that it is the (W.H.O)world heath organization that cause this ebola virus,so that they will make more money, but if is truth lord please punnish them and make liberian free from this.

Emmanuel sefa says:    

God help mankind.

Emmanuel Kollie says:    

It is my prayer that the Almighty God will help liberia and prevent the population from this deady virus,(ebola).

Raymond R. Cassell says:    

God we know how numerous our sins are, please forgive us and save the children of mama Africa from the deadly Ebola Virus.

Nathaniel T. Cassell says:    

This is bad news for us. God please rescue us.

thandeka says:    


Stephen G. Saywaye says:    

There should a lot of awareness so as to imform the populace about the symptoms of ebola.

Emmanuel Dortues says:    

All we need to do is to gather together and pray to God so that this ebola virus much stop.

Sesom B.K. Saywaye says:    

I Think the ebola disease is a sign of the predications of the endtime. What a disease?

Tupee T. Tequah says:    

I think all borders of Liberia should be closed to stop the influx of the disease into the country until it is remedised.

D wright says:    

Theres so much hate in this world you would think that we the supposedly highest intelligent biengs could get a handle and join togother and fight a common enemy such as Ebola- greed -famine theres so many destroyers out there right now-I cant believe people would kill in Gods Holy name-when HE taught us to love one another-Compassion cooperation unity would help find a cure for Ebola and the other horrible things that have befallen our Mother Earth and all of us-Maybe then The Great God of all of us will show mercy and take away Ebola and hatred and the horrible things that are killing us as a species.



Austin Dodzi says:    

I pray that God should grant the researchers wisdom to find solution to it and also extend his healing hands on those that are affected already

stephando Balfrine says:    

Oh God help us...

vivian says:    

but wat shall we do?

am even scared of sitting in a car,bcos sum1's sweat could giv me dis virus oooooooh!! oooh wat a world? says:    

ONGOM RUFINO says:    


James T. Korha II says:    

Does this virus live in all animals? if no/yes, then which animals it lives in? can this virus be treated in Africa? does this virus lives in euro, America, and other part of the world? if no, then what is it that only Africa should develop such sickness? I want all African leaders to come together as one to fight against this unbelievable virus. If Africa does not fight against this disease, it will destroy most of our feature leaders. We also need to be educated as to how this virus can be prevented in and around Africa. I also want this virus to be though in school in and around African in order to educate our new and old generation. May God almighty blessed Africa and its people's amen.


How can i protect myself from this virus and if some one contract this virus how can i know.

Darius K. Nupolu says:    

How can I prevent myself from this Ebola.I am a Estension worker In Lofa County. I gos into the various communities ever days that comes mostly around the bouder area of Guinea.This is where people are travelling days and nights from Guinea to Liberia. Kindly advise me and the people of Lofa County.

Cyrus Sackie says:    

Where does this virus originated from?

Henry f. Golafale says:    

what we will do for us to not get this disease because Ebola virus is not good we the people in Africa.

lionel thielke. says:    

All emergency services throughout the world should be aware of how to package/transport and hand over to hospitals. The decontamination protocols need to be seriousely looked at.We need to all throughout the country work on a SOP to coincide with any hospital able to treat such a HID. We cannot say this cannot happen in South Africa. We all need to get our act together and take hands so that we can at least prepare for what might confront us as a country. We need to communicate with one another so as to leave no stone is unturned. If goverments think training is expensive, then try ignorance.

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Adwoa Genfi says:    


We must help our beloved country fight against ebola. The only way is being clean.:-(

Okwu-Kwu-Oto @Nenweyi says:    


Lord Jesue, forgive us our sins and grant us your mercies and protect we Nigerians, other Africans and all people of the world from any virus and diseases that may lead any of your belove to untimely death not to see our bodies,soul and spirit as we cover every human race with the precious blood of Jesus Ameeeeeeeeen.

Bruce Emordi. says:    


God almighty in your hands lies every life, help us Nigerians, as our we lack medical facilities to fight the common sickness not to talk of complicated one like EBOLA.

Sydney Raheento Osaka says:    


'O'GOD protect us from this harmful diseases (EBOLA).

ABDUL M KAMARA says:    


Please GOD we beg u to protect us the sierra leoneans and the world wide from this ebola virus we know this is all from our commiting sin please GOD forgive us the human beings.

ALIE A NAHIM says:    


Is there any medcine for this ebola virus.

Emmanuel Friday says:    


Ebola is real... Liberians be careful of this deadly disease. No cure so far. God Bless Liberia and Safe Our State.

aliyu babah conteh says:    


God plz save us from dis deadly disease #prayingforsalone

ojukaja segun says:    


May the the Almighty God fogive the entire human race.This is the result of our SIN.Pls God forgive.

Bolaji Oke says:    


How To prevent Ebola Virus?

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